Language and Economy (National Level)

Multilingualism amongst minority population: a case of trans-cultural capital or social exclusion?

(WP11, 20062008) This study assessed the level of bi- or multilingualism of Francophone migrants from Africa in migrant networks spreading out from Paris and Munich, understand the motivations which lead Francophone migrants to go to non- French-speaking countries, and assess the difficulties and opportunities this entails from their point of view. It also aims at a comparison between the level of satisfaction and social integration/ social exclusion of Francophone Africans in their new places of residence and the level of upskilling provided by the acquisition of a new language.

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Multilingualism, transcultural capital and social exclusion amongst migrant minority populations

(WP11a, 20082010) Researchers investigated the language-related problems of Vietnamese migrants in the Czech Republic and of Subsaharan African immigrants in Germany. The researchers also looked into the role of these migrants multilingualism in their economic future, their strategies to improve their lives and create job opportunities, how they assess the importance of their language skills for finding jobs and for integration, and how language skills influence their decisions on where to work or where to live (and vice versa). Finally, they analysed the legal and structural situation in the Czech Republic and in Germany regarding the immigrants in question.

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