Multilingualism and Education (Regional Level)

Regional case studies of multilingual education in (inter)regional settings

(WP9, 20062008) This study investigated whether and how linguistic, cultural, economic and social needs of minorities are taken into account in the school systems of South Tyrol (Italy), Vojvodina (Serbia), Transylvania (Romania) and Felvidk (Slovakia).

They looked into the methods of language teaching in these regions and evaluated their success. To do this, they used historical and political background information, statistics about the demography of certain areas, about the relevant municipal and political units and about the investigated communities.

Researchers interviewed teachers, school principals and human resources managers; they video-recorded language lessons and had students fill in questionnaires.

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Language use and language values in minority school settings

(WP9a, 20082010) Minorities in Romania, Slovakia, Serbia, Hungary and Italy were the centre of this study. Researchers were interested in four aspects: language use, language attitudes, language policies and language ideologies.

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