Language Policy and Planning (Regional Level)

Regional and Minority languages in the process of EU enlargement: challenge or burden?

(WP6, 20062008) This study consisted of three case studies, each of which concentrated on the German-speaking minority in Lorraine (France), Prague (Czech Republic) and Sibiu (Romania) respectively.

Researchers have analysed official documents on language policy in the respective regions, they have interviewed policy-makers and community representatives as well as "ordinary" members of the German-speaking community.

Researchers wanted to investigate the connection between the policies concerning minority languages in Europe on the one hand and peoples experiences as speakers and their individual beliefs, values and practices on the other.

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Language management in the linguistic landscapes of multilingual cities

(WP6a, 20082010) The study Language Management in the Linguistic Landscapes of Multilingual Cities concentrated on two areas: Firstly, researchers analysed official language policy for local public signage. Secondly, they investigated what problems people experience in using signs as they go about their everyday business or enjoy their holidays.

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