Language, Identity and Culture (National Level)

Language and concepts of national identity

(WP2, 20062008) This study investigated language debates in the Greek speaking part of Cyprus, in Latvia and in Croatia. They have analysed various debates in TV, on the radio, in newspapers, the Internet and also within the scientific community.

Furthermore, researchers have conducted and analysed interviews with "ordinary people" in Istria and Cyprus in order to find out how they assess the role of the standard language for national identity and language debates.

Finally, they evaluated a questionnaire about attitudes towards different language variants, which was filled in by about 1.200 high-school students of three Istrian towns.

In Latvia, researchers investigated the official statistics about language and national identity issues, statements from experts in various publications and already published surveys on language attitudes.

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Promoting national identity internationally

(WP2a, 20082010)  First question before launching a new product: what makes it different? Next step: let people know of this feature, create an image. In the case of national tourism, the product is a country and the image might influence both the opinion of potential visitors as well as the local populations idea of national identity. This is why researchers investigated how tourism in Croatia and Cyprus promotes their countries images and where they correspond to what tourists and locals think.

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