Language, Identity and Culture (European Level)

Carriers and Symbols of European Culture and Identity

(WP1, 20062008) This study investigated EU mission statements, policies, speeches and descriptions of cultural and language programs in order to get an overview the image of Europe as described by policy makers in official discourse.

In addition to that and in order to find out what effects this "theoretical" statements and descriptions had in practice, they conducted a case study in Istria (Croatia), in which they investigated how people (around 100 interviewees) reacted to discussions about European culture and identity and what their relation to other elements of identification looked like.

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Europeanisation and the reshaping of cultural tourism and cultural industry

(WP1a, 20082010)  Cultural tourism is a powerful way of promoting a sense of belonging to Europe. It is influenced by European policies, it can change the use of language and it can even influence the identity of places and people. This is why researchers from Poland and Croatia have investigated cultural tourism, its preconditions and effects in Poznan, Gdansk (Poland) and Pula (Croatia).

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