Research Structure

LINEE's research structure


Research within LINEE is organized in four Thematic Areas:

  • Language, Identity and Culture: Examines how language, identity and culture relate to each other and by what other factors they might be influenced in which way.
  • Language Policy and Planning: Examines the adequacy of the existing language policy and language planning efforts in the EU countries.
  • Multilingualism and Education: Examines how young people develop an embracing capacity to behave in a flexible and adequate manner in concrete multilingual contexts.
  • Language and Economy: Examines the interplay between language and economy and aims to provide results that can impact on the building of a knowledge-based society.

Each Thematic Area is divided into three levels: European, national and regional. This structure (4 Thematic Areas, 3 levels of analysis) results in 12 Work Packages.

The research of these 12 Work Packages is then integrated in an over-arching project called "Research Platforms".


Research Sites

This map shows where LINEE has conducted and is conducting research.

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Recommendations to policy-makers

After the project's second year (November 2008), LINEE has formulated recommendations to policy-makers. They concern the European, national and regional level.

Contacts per Thematic Area

WP0: Research Platforms


+43 1 4277 42624



Knowledge Management System

Peter Weber


Thematic Area A: Language, Identity and Culture

Anita Sujoldić

+385 1 5535-112 or 104



Thematic Area B: Language Policy and Planning

Patrick Stevenson

+44 23 8059 3830


Thematic Area C: Multilingualism and Education

Rita Franceschini

+39 0471 12461



Thematic Area D: Language and Economy

Jiri Nekvapil

+420 221 619 291



Other Members of the Governing Board

Iwar Werlen

+41 31 631 8004


Anna Fenyvesi

+36 62 544262


Waldemar Pfeiffer