WP 15: Management and Coordination


Management of progress towards project objectives and sound controlling of finances are a key to a successful project. The Network Office will provide the administrative and financial management and support best practice development by training the Network.

The scientific management of the Consortium is provided by all partners under WP14.


Ensure implementation of the network and constant monitoring of its progress.

Description of work

Following the change of co-ordination the Network Office has to be established in Bern and get acquainted with the project and the participants.

Assess and install a tool for project management and financial reporting to reduce administrative effort by all partners at reporting period.

General tasks are: Maintenance of the EC Contract (amendments, updated Joint Plan of Activities JPA) and of the Consortium Agreement. Project controlling (progress towards milestones, achievement of tasks, indicators of cooperation) reporting to the Coordinator and the Governing Board. Organisation and drafting of interim and yearly reports to the European Commission (consolidating reports received by partners). Forwarding deliverables.

Receive and distribute the financial contribution, follow-up of budget and effort, including formalisation of propositions to the Governing Board regarding modifications of budget. Answer partner's questions relating to contractual issues and finances.

Support the partners with management best practice.

Run the Network Office, organising meetings on behalf of the consortium and drafting the minutes (GB, ExCom; Advisory Council). Support the Network in defining the long-term integration strategy (i.e. collecting solutions from other Networks).


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