University of Szeged

University of Szeged LogoThe Institute of English and American Studies belongs to the University of Szeged, one of Hungary's largest universities (around 30.000 students). 

The Institute consists of three departments

  • American Studies
  • English
  • English Language Teacher Training and Applied Linguistics

The team of applied linguists works on sociolinguistic, contact linguistic, conversation analysis, discourse analysis, second language acquisition, and sociopragmatic aspects of linguistic diversity, language maintenance and shift, bi- and multilingualism, gender, and education, on the regional, national and transnational (cross-border) levels.

International Research Projects

Participation in international research projects (last 10 years) includes Study Centre on Language Contact (Netherlands Institute of Advanced Study) and Teaching Gender in Eastern Europe.

Study Programs

The Institute offers several Bachelor, Master and PhD programs:

  • BA in English: specializations in English Studies and American Studies
  • MA in English Studies: specializations in
    • British Cultural Studies: Interdisciplinary Study of Culture
    • English Applied Linguistics
    • Gender Through Literatures and Cultures in English
  • MA in American Studies
  • MA in TEFL
  • PhD:
    • English Applied Linguistics
    • English and American Literature


Institute of English and American Studies
H-6722 Szeged
Egyetem u. 2.
For LINEE: anna.fenyvesi(at)