A report on LINEE+ PhD Training Workshop in Multilingualism Research held in Dubrovnik in 2014 was published in Slovo a slovesnost 75, 2014, pp. 366-368.  

A report on the second LINEE conference in 2012 held in Dubrovnik was published in Slovo a slovesnost 74, 2013, pp. 155-160.

Announcement of the Language Management Symposium in Prague 2013

Report on the Training Institute in Prague 2012.

Current publications: 

  • Barat, E. / Studer, P. / Nekvapil, J. (eds) (2013), Ideological Conceptualizations of Language: Discourses of Linguistic Diversity. Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang

  • Studer, P./Werlen, I.: Linguistic Diversity in Europe. Current Trends and Discourses. De Gruyter Mouton.
  • Rindler Schjerve, R./Vetter E.: European Multilingualism. Current Perspectives and Challenges. Multilingual Matters.