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Summary of European, national, regional research

European level: Court cases about language problems

National level: Language, migration and work in Germany and the Czech Republic

Regional level: Language use of multinational companies 


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Scope of Study

The researchers conducting the study "Linguistic diversity in large multinational companies and their regional allocation" investigated language use and language management of 9 multinational companies with branches in the Czech Republic or Hungary.

5th Issue, October 2009

Why Multinational Companies Prefer English (But Not English Only)

Multinational companies in Central Europe are inevitably faced with multilingualism. LINEE researchers have looked into 9 such companies with branches in the Czech Republic or Hungary in order to find out what role certain languages play within the company, what language problems arise and how they are managed.


Several of the investigated companies have established an official corporate language: English. However, employees only have to be able to speak English in given situations like management meetings. Local languages and the dominant language of the companys head office remain important.

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