LINEE's major findings are presented in the final report.







Research Reports
per Thematic Area

Research Reports
per Thematic Area

Language, Identity and Culture

Language, Identity and Culture

Language Policy and Planning

Language Policy and Planning

Multilingualism and Education

Multilingualism and Education

Language and Economy

Language and Economy

Research Reports
per level of analysis

Research Reports
per level of analysis

Position Paper European Level

Position Paper European Level

Position Paper National Level

Position Paper National Level

Position Paper Regional/Local Level

Position Paper Regional/Local Level

Position Paper on theoretical and methodological issues

Position Paper on theoretical and methodological issues


Report on the Training Institute 2010 (by Sara Merlino) with summaries of the talks. Will also appear in the journal Studie z aplikovane lingvistiky/Studies in Applied Linguistics (SALi).

Report on the Training Institute 2009 in Prague; written by Oliver Engelhardt and Tamah Sherman; with summaries of talks of renowned experts; will appear in the journal Slovo a slovesnost in 2010

First joint publication (November 2007): Contact Linguistics and Language Minorities (Plurilingua XXX, ISBN: 978-3-537-86432-1). The volume can be ordered via the Task Force Media and Infrastucture. An extensive review was published in the Czech journal Slovo a slovesnost 69, 2008, pp. 293-299.

Strong European Emotions European Citizenship and Visual Pleasure
Paper presented by Senka Boić at the Joint Conference "Ownership and Approbation" of the ASA, ASAANZ and AAS, Plenary Session "Senses and Citizenship: Contestations over National and Global Identities, Resources and Forms of Belonging"; University of Auckland, New Zealand,  8-12 December 2008

Sociolingvistick projekt 6. rmcovho programu Evropsk komise
(jak funguje a jak jsou zkuenosti s tzv. network of excellence)

Extensive overview of the LINEE project, focusing particularly on the work conducted by the Prague team, published in the Czech Linguistic Newsletter (Jazykovedne aktuality XLV, 2008, Issue 3&4, pp.111-131)

Newsletter and Flyer

LINEE Newsletter 11/2010: Latest results, activities and LINEE's future

LINEE Newsletter 07/2010: Activities during the last phase of LINEE

LINEE Newsletter 05/2010: Impressions of LINEE's Final Conference

LINEE Newsletter 01/2010: Latest research results

LINEE Newsletter 10/2009: Language and Economy

LINEE Newsletter 08/2009: Multilingualism and Education

LINEE Newsletter 03/2009: Language Policy and Planning

LINEE Newsletter 12/2008: Language, Identity and Culture

LINEE Newsletter 10/2007

LINEE Project Presentation Flyer

Ethical Declaration of LINEE

Theoretical and methodological outlines


Work Package Name




Research Platforms


Europeanisation and the reshaping of cultural tourism and cultural industry


Promoting national identity internationally


Politics and strategies of identity in multicultural European cities


European discourses on multilingualism: language policy-planning at the supranational level


The impact of "new" migration and contested linguistic spaces


Language management in the linguistic landscapes of multilingual cities


Learning, use and perceptions of English as a Lingua Franca communication in European contexts


In search of multi-competence: Exploring language use and language values among multilingual immigrant students in England, Italy and Austria


Language use and language values in minority school settings


Large Multinational companies: Linguistic diversity and communication in parent and daughter companies


Multilingualism, transcultural capital and social exclusion amongst migrant minority populations


Economic participation, language practices and collective identities in the multilingual city


Communication and Dissemination


Review and Assessment


Management and Coordination


Media and Infrastructure


Gender Issues


Training and Mobility