Language and Economy (European Level)

Labour markets, the Knowledge Economy, language and mobility in Europe

(WP10, 20062008) This study analysed the decisions of EU institutions on selected cases (primarily the European Court of Justice [ECJ]), the corresponding suits, analyses of the general advocates, textbooks and texts of legal norms.

Court cases present an opportunity to investigate language problems concerning linguistic diversity and the way in which these problems are managed.

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Large Multinational companies: Linguistic diversity and communication in parent and daughter companies

(WP10a, 20082010) How do parent companies and their subsidiaries in other countries communicate with each other? In which language(s)? What linguistic or cultural problems arise and how are they managed? Is the companies linguistic diversity restricted or promoted by national laws? LINEE researchers investigated these questions in 5 parent and 5 daughter companies in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Germany, the United Kingdom and Switzerland.

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