Language Policy and Planning (National Level)

Language spread policies, migration and citizenship

(WP5, 20062008) LINEE researchers have interviewed over one hundred politicians, representatives of institutions dealing with migration and language as well as Romanian, Polish and other migrants in Castell/Barcelona, Basel and Southampton. They also analysed policy, consultative, statements and media texts on language, citizenship and migration.

Firstly, researchers wanted to know whether the ideology informing language policies was one that promoted monolingualism or multilingualism.

Secondly, they wanted to know more about the role of language in migration and integration and thirdly, they investigated the migrants relationships to their countries of origin and the role that language and language policies played in this relationship.

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The impact of new migration and contested linguistic spaces: implications for national language policies

(WP5a, 20082010) This study investigated the role of language and language policy in migration and in political, economic and cultural integration (or separation). Researchers conducted three case studies in regions with more than one official language and where so-called new migration takes place: Castell/Valencia and Morella in Spain, Cardiff/Llanelli and Llanybydder in the UK and Ilanz and Tujetsch/Disentis in Switzerland.

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