WP 18: Training and Mobility


Training is an essential part of spreading of excellence activities, while mobility has also an integrating dimension for it also deals with relocation of doctoral students and rotation of task Force leaders.


This WP will coordinate mobility between participants and ensure implementation of the training dimension in meetings/workshops. It will also cover spreading of excellence activities (e.g. Training institute).

Description of work

Organisation of the Training & Research Workshops (every 6 months).

Organisation of the Training Institute.

Call for relocation of students and coordination of relocation of PhD-students and organizational support.

Call partners to name one person as local contact for relocation, in charge of organisational aspects.

Prepare revision of the relocation guidelines, when appropriate or requested by the GB. Collect evaluation forms after each relocation.

Coordination with TG Gender Issues (GT) for Training Workshop on Gender Aspects, for organising day-care for children where needed by researchers in order to participate to TM events. Coordination with other TaskForces for management and media training.

Support WP13 in contacts with institutions / projects envisaged as potential associated LINEE partners (number of external participants in training is one of the performance indicators).


Work Package Description

Template for Training Relocation Report Host

Template for Training Relocation Report Visitor

Contacts for Relocation

University / Institution




University of Bern

Felicitas Iseli


University of Vienna

Marie-Luise Volgger



Charles University, Prague

Tamah Sherman


University of Bolzano

Institute for Anthropological Research, Zagreb

University of Southampton

University of Szeged

University of Applied languages, Munich

Peter Weber


University of Poznan

Contacts WP 18

Name City Email
Maddalena Tognola Bern maddalena.tognola(at)linee.info
Mislava Bertosa Zagreb mislava.bertosa(at)linee.info
Tamah Sherman Prag tamah.sherman(at)linee.info

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