WP 16: Media and Infrastructure


The overall rationale of this WP is twofold: On the one hand it has to serve for the integration and dissemination activities, on the other hand it has to develop a technical driven common approach to research questions of LINEE as described in Annex I chap. 6.2.9: During the second JPA the main tasks will be therefore to de-linearise the information of the texts in a terminology database and link this information through existing and through new semantic relations. The following figure shows this whole research process:


The overall objectives of the Portal are to provide a Virtual Working Environment (VWE), a Knowledge Management System (KMS) and explore the possibilities of a Learning Platform (LP). It will also ensure an Internet Presence (IP) through the development of a LINEE website. To provide the VWE and the IP during the first year the content management system (CMS) was developed with Typo 3.

The main objectives for the second 18 months are twofold:

  • O1: Further development of the CMS for the amelioration of the integration within LINEE and the dissemination outside from LINEE.
  • O2: Realisation of the performance indicator "Delinearisation of information" (cf. Annex I chap. 7). This means the conceptualisation of the data represented in the LINEE project (=second step of implementation of a KMS).

It is clear that there is an overlap between the two performance indicators for month 24 and month 36 for the Portal within objective 2. This overlap will affect specially step 4, milestone 4 and deliverable 4 in terms that a correction of the JPA planning is quite likely.

Description of work

Objective 1: The further development of the VWE to the internal and external needs will be done by the prolongation of the programming of the front end with Typo3. Suggestions on how to improve use & usability of the VWE will be collected from the local users.

Objective 2: Knowledge will first be generated within the specific contexts of Research Platforms and Thematic Areas, then interpreted in terminologies, and gradually linked through semantic relations. In a second stage the individually interpreted information (= knowledge) will be transformed into the KMS. The main tasks will be to de-linearise the information of the texts and link this information through existing and through new semantic relations. In detail the following work will be done:

Months 13-18 Step 1: Text mining in WP reports with the objective to find key elements for the LINEE ontology: analysis of differences, analysis of concurrences and analysis of clusters. Building up of a prototype of a database.

Months 14-21 Step 2: Handed and automatical process of the definition of formal relation ships for the key elements by relation ships and axioms (nods for KMS). Building up of a prototype of a terminology database.

Months 21-27 Step 3: Physical linking initial KMS with content management system by building up
interfaces between the software used and between the singular data sets, axioms and nods.

Months 27-30 Step 4: Programming the prototype backend for the use of the KMS (embedding system=performance indicator month 36).


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Contacts WP 16

Name City Email
Aleksandra Kuhn Mnchen aleksandra.kuhn(at)linee.info
Peter Weber Mnchen peter.weber(at)linee.info
Thomas Gantenbein Bern thomas.gantenbein(at)linee.info
Tina Friedl Mnchen tina.friedl(at)linee.info
Tobias Kersig Mnchen tobias.kersig(at)linee.info

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