WP 14: Review and Assessment


Review and assessment are essential activities in project implementation, and to monitor the network progress which is subject to periodic assessment by the European Commission.


Review/revise both operational and research activities, to ensure that the project is correctly implemented. Governance and leadership of the project.

Description of work

Review and assessment of research activities via supervisory work and peer review of (external) experts and other collaborators.

The supervision of Thematic Areas is in the responsibility of the following partners TA_A: HR, TA_B: UK, TA_C: IT, TA_D: CZ. Supervisors monitor integration and progress of work in their Area, collect the detailed work plans and reports drafted by the single WP and draft the Research Papers of the Area.

Supervisors and WP Leaders meet at least every 6 months in the Research Workshops, with interim meetings according to the needs. In the Research Wokshops two or more LINEE Partners present their institution to the Network.

The Governing Board (GB) is the decision-making body of the Consortium. It meets at least once every 6 months to decide on actions towards integration, on new / modified joint research activities, on changes in participation that may impact deliverables, on integration or exclusion of partners and other topics according to the Consortium Agreement. The GB reviews the work performed based on available reports. Different partners shall host the GB meeting during the period.

In order to understand the local situation and to provide ad-hoc support the Coordinator visits each Partner, if possible in combination with GB meetings or Research Workshops.

For operational activities, review and assessment will be done by the Task Forces (i.e review of implementation of the Gender Action Plan is performed under WP17, decisions on relocation requests) and validated by the Governing Board. The Task Forces leaders are the Executive Committee and meet (virtually or in person) 3-4 times per year.

Reorganisation of membership and meetings with the Advisory Council.


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Contacts WP 14

Name City Email
Anita Sujoldzic Zagreb anita.sujoldzic(at)linee.info
Anna Fenyvesi Szeged anna.fenyvesi(at)linee.info
Iwar Werlen Bern iwar.werlen(at)linee.info
Jiri Nekvapil Prag jiri.nekvapil(at)linee.info
Maddalena Tognola Bern maddalena.tognola(at)linee.info
Patrick Stevenson Southampton patrick.stevenson(at)linee.info
Peter Weber Mnchen peter.weber(at)linee.info
Rita Franceschini Bozen rita.franceschini(at)linee.info
Rosita Schjerve-Rindler Wien rosita.schjerve-rindler(at)linee.info
Waldemar Pfeiffer Poznan waldemar.pfeiffer(at)linee.info

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