WP 13: Communication and Dissemination

Support for publications

Active members of the Governing Board who are members of editorial boards:

Name                                         Publication

Prof. Peter J. Weber                     Seit 2003: Mitherausgeber der Reihe /Studien zur
                                                  International und Interkulturell Vergleichenden
                                                  Erziehungswissenschaft/ im Waxmann-Verlag
                                                  (Mnster/New York).

                                                  Seit 2003: Mitherausgeber der Zeitschrift /Tertium
                                                  Comparationis/ (Journal fr International und
                                                  Interkulturell Vergleichende
                                                  Erziehungswissenschaft) im Waxmann-Verlag
                                                  (Mnster/New York).


Prof. Jiri Nekvapil                         SOCIOLINGUISTICA (Tbingen: Niemeyer)

                                                  SLOVO A SLOVESNOST (Prague:Academia)

                                                  ETHNOGRAPHIC STUDIES  (Manchester:
                                                  Manchester Metropolitan University)

                                                  PRAGUE PAPERS ON LANGUAGE, SOCIETY AND  
                                                  INTERACTION   (Frankfurt am Main, Berlin,
                                                  Bern etc: Peter Lang)

Rita Franceschini                         Please see Herausgeberttigkeit, Begutachtungen


Because LINEE is expected to provide expertise, disseminate/exchange knowledge and good practices, and raise the visibility and the profile of linguistic diversity (all declared objectives), communication and dissemination are fundamental aspects. The Network Office will serve as a co-ordination and service provider for the Dissemination activities of the Partners.


Ensure internal and external communication, and implement a proactive dissemination strategy.

Description of work

Day-to-Day Work:

  • Maintenance of the Portal (Website and Intranet) incl. update of contact lists and relevant events and conferences in collaboration with WP16 and the WP Leaders for scientific content.
  • Keep communication running between Network Office and Partners (WPs, TA) both on scientific and management matters, and between Partners. The Network office will monitor and pro-actively foster the use of the common information platform developed by WP16.
  • Presentation of LINEE and communication of research results in scientific conferences and to a wider audience by press releases and newsletters.
  • Co-ordination of participation in scientific conferences by LINEE members.

Months 13-18: Development of LINEE templates (for reports, presentations, letters) for a shared visual identity. Update of the LINEE-Flyer to reflect the changes in the Consortium (Wider distribution within and outside the Network). Update Portal with links to related Websites and Projects. Re-establish and consolidate links with target groups.

Months 18-30: Produce list of partners with strong links to editorial boards for the VWE. Press releases on most significant results. Production of 3 to 4 case history sheets for a wider audience (ideally one per Area or level). Call within the Network for the set-up of a "Newsletter working group". Two new issues of Newsletter. Survey an all languages spoken within LINEE (by Partner HU). Initiate contacts with institutions / projects envisaged as potential associated LINEE partners (in cooperation with TF 18 Training & Mobility). First preparatory work for an outreach conference in Month 36. Co-ordination of 2 further joint publications. Further activities according to needs of Partners.


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Contacts WP 13

Name City Email
Iwar Werlen Bern iwar.werlen(at)linee.info
Maddalena Tognola Bern maddalena.tognola(at)linee.info
Thomas Gantenbein Bern thomas.gantenbein(at)linee.info

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