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Logo University of ViennaAt the Department of Romance Languages, traditional research focuses on national & transnational aspects of cultural and linguistic diversity, language policy & planning (including lesser used and minority languages).

International Research Projects

Participation in international research projects in the last 10 years includes EUROMOSAIC I, II and III, Minorities in European linguistic & cultural policies, European Multilingualism in the Enlarged European Union, Minority Policies and the EU enlargement, Multilingualism and Language Policy in the 19th Century Habsburg Empire.

Bachelor and Master Programs

The Department of Romance Languages offers one Bachelor and six Master programs. Bachelor students focus on one of five languages: French, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian or Spanish (→ details). The Master programs are:

  • Sprachen und Kulturen der franzsischsprachigen Rume (→ details)
  • Sprachen und Kulturen der Iberoromania (→ details)
  • Sprachen und Kulturen der Italoromania (→ pdetails)
  • Sprachen und Kulturen der Sdostromania (→ details)
  • Sprache und Kommunikation in der Romania (→ details)
  • Romanische Literatur- und Medienwissenschaften (→ details)

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Institut fr Romanistik
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