Training Institutes: Goals and Target Group

The LINEE Training Institutes took place once a year, every year organized by a different partner university. The Charles University Prague will continue organizing Training Institutes after LINEE has ended as a Network of Excellence.

The goal of the Training Institutes was to

  • spread excellence outside LINEE
  • reinforce integration between those who are already participating in the network
  • disseminate the methodological and theoretical know-how, philosophy and results of the LINEE research activities among doctoral students.

They included lectures, guided self-teaching, seminars and colloquia.

The target group were doctoral students within LINEE as well as external doctoral students.  The teaching staff included LINEE's scientific staff, but as LINEE is  a Network of Excellence, also external top experts and researchers with a background in linguistics or other relevant disciplines to bring forward interdiscplinary aspects. To ensure coherence, the contents of the Training Institute reflected the Thematic Areas in LINEE.

Past Training Institutes

2010: Prague

Doctoral students researching multilingualism in Europe met for the exchange of ideas and interact with renowned resource persons, both local and from abroad, in a number of different settings (e.g. lecture and seminar settings, poster sessions, informal encounters, meals).

The thematic areas were:

  • Language, Culture and Identity
  • Language Policy and Planning
  • Multilingualism and Education
  • Language and Economy 

The resource persons were:

  • Alexandre Duchne, Universit de Fribourg Universitt Freiburg, Switzerland
  • Joseph Lo Bianco, University of Melbourne, Australia
  • Melissa G. Moyer, Universitat Autnoma de Barcelona, Spain
  • Dick Vigers, University of Southampton, UK


Report on the Training Institute (by Sara Merlino) with summaries of the talks given
    by the experts above. Will also appear in the journal Studie z aplikovane
    lingvistiky/Studies in Applied Linguistics (SALi).

Where, who, when and why


Papers provided by the tutors 


2009: Prague

The Training Institute in Prague on 2227 June 2009 included lectures and seminars by

  • Richard Baldauf,
  • Miroslav Hroch,
  • Aneta Pavlenko,
  • Ingrid Piller,
  • Leo atava and
  • Glyn Williams.

This Training Institute was open to LINEE PhD students and 3 DYLAN PhD students.

See program and papers provided by the tutors.

See the report on the Training Institute (written by Oliver Engelhardt and Tamah Sherman) with summaries of the talks given by the experts above. Will also appear in the journal Slovo a slovesnost in 2010.

For LINEE members: further papers are available in the VWE under the heading Workshops and Meetings (log in to see the link).

2008: Bolzano

The second LINEE Training Institute took place in June 2008 at the Free University in Bolzano

2007: Brussels

You can download the management report of the 1st Training Institute held in Brussels 2007.

During the first Training Institute in Brussels 2007, the participants each wrote a paper and got feedback from the Training Institute's experts. See the list of papers for download.

Other Training Institutes and Symposia

PhD students working for the FP6 project DYLAN (Language Dynamics and Management of Diversity) are invited to participate in the Training Institutes of LINEE and vice versa. What is called "Training Institutes" within LINEE corresponds to the "Spring Schools" of DYLAN.

The next DYLAN Spring School will take place in 2010. For more information visit DYLANS's website, section "Spring School".

The latest DYLAN Spring School has taken place mid April 2008. Three PhD students from LINEE were invited. Read a succinct overview over the DYLAN Spring School 2008 on the DYLAN website.